Globale Standards bei Verkehrsregeln und Verkehrszeichen

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe / Wirtschaftskommission für Europa

Die Wirtschaftskommission für Europa der Vereinten Nationen (englisch United Nations Economic Commission for Europe), abgekürzt UNECE, auch UN/ECE, kurz auch ECE, ist eine von fünf Regional-Kommissionen des Wirtschafts- und Sozialrates der Vereinten Nationen (ECOSOC), deren Hauptziel es ist, pan-europäische wirtschaftliche Integration zu fördern.


1.General provisions
2.Rules of the road
3.Conditions for the admission of motor vehicles
and trailers to international traffic
4.Drivers of motor vehicles
5.Conditions for the admission of cycles and
mopeds to international traffic
6.Final provisions

ƒ Admission to international traffic,
ƒ A set of agreed road traffic rules
ƒ Reference for national legislation
ƒ Mutual recognition of vehicle certificates, driving permits
ƒ Facilitation of international traffic, trade, tourism
ƒ Enhanced road safety
A system of sign classification
ƒ Over 200 reference signs
ƒ Facilitation of international road traffic, trade, tourism
ƒ Enhanced road safety

Potential future steps:
•Consider the net benefits of acceding
•Undertake the necessary national legal
steps/procedures for accession
•Deposit an instrument of accession with the UN
•Contact for info and/or
capacity building

Reality check:
ƒ 72 and 62 Contracting Parties throughout the world
ƒ 1968 Conventions: global standards
ƒ Promote the benefits of accessions
ƒ Encourage better implementation
ƒ Continuously seeking donors to finance capacity